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How do I “redeem” Coupgons in store?

  1. Download the Coupgon app on your phone (Android or Apple) and sign up with a new account.
  2. Select the store you’ll be visiting, then tap the scissors to clip each Coupgon you want to use. Some can be clipped and redeemed multiple times.
  3. Tap ‘Redeem now’ when you’re ready to use your Coupgons at the cashier in-store.
  4. Now select all the Coupgons you will be using and tap 'Checkout.'
  5. Look for the blue Coupgon sticker (shown below) at the cashier and position the whole QR code within the camera frame on your phone as if you were taking a picture. It will scan automatically.
  6. Then show your phone to the cashier and swipe through each item, left and right, so they can confirm that you bought the product and apply the savings to your grocery bill on the spot.

Cashiers treat Coupgons just like regular coupons; they’ll confirm that you bought the product and enter the discounts on each item.

Do I need data or a Wi-Fi connection to use Coupgon?

Yes, you need to have data or a Wi-fi connection to use the Coupgon app in-store and to redeem your Coupgons. Don’t worry, our app is not data heavy. Offline redeeming is not available at the moment but we are working on it.

Tip: You can clip from home and turn on data when you’re checking out in-store (and then turn it off again). Some stores also offer free Wi-Fi to their customers. Make sure to check for it next time you shop.

What does a QR code look like and where can I find it?

Each checkout counter (or cashier) has a blue Coupgon sticker with a QR code on it that says, “Checkout here with the Coupgon app”. They look like this:

Tip: Don’t hesitate to ask the cashier to point it out if you can’t find it.

Can I print my Coupgons?

Coupgons are fully digital and can be redeemed only with the app, in-store. We decided to turn regular paper coupons into the first 100% paperless, digital coupons in Canada. Pretty cool, right?

Above saving you time and money, one of our main goals is to eliminate the waste produced by paper coupons being used across North America.

Can I use Coupgons with any other grocery coupons?

You cannot use Coupgons with other grocery coupons. But if you see a good deal in a flyer that coincides with a Coupgon in the app you can definitely add the extra discount we’re offering.

Why do I need to turn on my Bluetooth?

We are launching a new service that will send exclusive, in-store deals to your phone when you walk into your grocery store and open the Coupgon app. These deals will only show up if you have Bluetooth enabled because that’s how we send them to your phone. You’ll only see them while shopping in the store so don’t hesitate to check this out.

Tip: You will still be able to use Coupgon even if you decide to turn off your Bluetooth. But you won’t access exclusive in store offers while shopping.

Why can’t I use Coupgon in my area?

At this moment Coupgon is available only in select stores across Canada but we are constantly working to serve the entire Canadian market. In the coming months, Coupgon will be expanding into more stores to ensure every Canadian can access our great savings. Stay tuned for more news on where you’ll see us next!

Tip: Give us a suggestion for a store where you would like to use Coupgon: [email protected]

Why does Coupgon want access to my camera?

Coupgon uses your camera to scan the QR code (shown below) at checkout to activate the Coupgons you’ve selected. Rest assured we cannot access your camera’s photos or any other media files stored in your smartphone.

Do I need to redeem each Coupgon individually?

Short answer: no.

  1. After tapping “Redeem now”, select the Coupgons you want to use and redeem them all at once by tapping “Checkout” and scanning the QR Code with your phone.
  2. Then show your phone to the cashier and swipe through each item, left and right, so they can confirm that you bought the product and apply the savings to your grocery bill on the spot.

Why are there Coupgons on the app at my store but the product is not actually available in-store?

We do our best to check the availability of products before we publish the Coupgons but we cannot guarantee this because product distribution can differ between stores. Sometimes a product will sell out before anyone can use the Coupgon. This is rare but it does happen.

What does “limited” mean on a Coupgon?

The “limited” label on a Coupgon means there are only a few remaining. Once a certain amount of people have used that Coupgon it will become sold out.

Tip: Clip a Coupgon and it will be yours to use until it expires.

Why do Coupgons sell out?

All Coupgons have limited quantities just like regular coupons.

Tip: Clip the ones you want right away. By clipping it, you have reserved it and can use it any time until it expires.

When are Coupgons added and when do they expire?

New Coupgons are added every Thursday and usually expire within 1-2 weeks. Tap a Coupgon (anywhere but the scissors) and you will see the details, including how long you have to clip it and how long you have to redeem it.

Why does Coupgon want access to my location?

Coupgon uses your location to show you the closest stores.

Can I redeem my Coupgons with my receipt?

No. Our Coupgons are applicable directly on the spot, using your phone at checkout. That’s our way to save you time and money as well as helping out the environment!

How can I unclip a Coupgon?

If it’s a multi-clip Coupgon, just tap the scissor icon until you see the “Unclip” button and tap it. A single-use Coupgon will show the “Unclip” button right away after 1 clip.

What is a multi-buy offer?

A multi-buy offer is a combination of two products. For example, a $2 Coupgon on pop and chips requires that you buy 1 pop AND 1 chips to redeem $2 off your bill.

How do I enter a promo code?

Open the Coupgon app on your phone and go to the menu at the top right. There you will see the “Enter promo code” section. Now enter the code you have into the text field.

Tip Promotional Coupgons, like $5 off your bill, will appear in the main Coupgon list as a and will carry through to the checkout screen and be applied automatically.

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